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Recipe for a Stylish Coffee Bar

There is a long waged battle on my kitchen counters between function and design and at the center of this conundrum is a true everyday necessity- coffee. I want to enjoy coffee while I laze about on my sofa as soon as I wake up in the morning but do not have the patience or fortitude to lug everything out of an overstuffed cabinet to make myself a cup of the magic addictive juice.   However, after I have had my coffee I hate looking at overcrowded and unattractive countertops stuffed with all my “needed” supplies.  Lately I have found a relatively perfect solution in setting up an aesthetically pleasing and stylish coffee bar.

My personal coffee bar setup is admittedly on the lower end of coffee gear but the following list contains “ingredients” that you can mix and match to make your own “perfect” coffee bar, whether you are on a budget, a big spender or just someone who really values both coffee and design. 

Sleek and Classic Coffee Makers

Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

There is no shame in owning and loving a classic Mr. Coffee.  They are affordable and work well for simple coffee needs.  For so many years I did the single cup pour over (see below) but these days I just need more than one cup and Mr. Coffee is there standing by, ready to deliver another warm dose. It’s also great for waking up early. Grounding my coffee the night before and programming it to brew at 5:50am has never made me feel more adult!  They come in a range of colors, including a pretty cool pewter and honestly they just get the job done.

Mr. Coffee 5-cup Coffe Maker in Pewter Color
Mr. Coffee 5-Cup in Pewter

Keurig K-Mini Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

It is small, it’s sleek looking and doesn’t take up too much of that precious counter space.  A benefit if you live alone or (for some reason) only want one cup before you start your day.  There are four choices of colors, including some light pastels that can work with many kitchen color palettes. 

Café – Drip 10-Cup Coffee Maker with WiFi – Matte White

Though on the higher end of the price scale, this setup is user friendly, convenient and (in my humble opinion) attractive looking enough to integrate into your kitchen decor.

Good Looking Espresso Machines

Lattissima One Silky White

While it isn’t exactly cheap, this machine may well end up being worth it.  Lattes on demand coming from an aesthetically pleasing, cream colored machine? Yes please! I especially love that making a cappuccino or a latte is as simple as pressing a button. The milk steamer does it all on it’s own without needing any milk frothing barista skills. The Nespresso pods allow you to choose your individual flavor and they even have tasty Barista Creations if you like your coffee a little more on the dessert side. 

Nespresso Lattissima One in Silky White
Photo credit: Target

Smeg Espresso Machine

This one will make you feel like you are waking up and living the life of a mid century modern instagram influencer.  It does take a bit of an investment but I truly understand the draw of this appliance with the combination of the choice of colors and sleek design. 

Linea Mini

If this is something that you can realistically afford please invite me over for a cup of coffee so I can pick your brain about how you became that unreasonably successful.  Otherwise this is a truly gorgeous and aspirational item.

Stylish Pour Overs for your Coffee Station

Hario Ceramic V60

It is small, it is stylish and it makes great coffee. This one checks all the boxes! This was my go-to coffee maker for many years until I settled for Mr. Coffee above. The Hario V60 is still a great option for an afternoon pick me up, if you’re only after one cup in the morning, or if your at-home brewing practices are a little more refined. 

Eight Cup Classic Chemex

A chemex is both stylish and also proven to make other people think that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to good coffee. A win win for all parties!

Oxo Glass Pour Over Set

If you aren’t ready to commit to a coffee bar color scheme, glass is always a good choice. It looks sleek and modern while allowing you to mix and match other elements to create your own design.

Electric Kettles Perfect for A Coffee Bar

Bodum Gooseneck Water Kettle

With a simple and sleek design that matches with almost any setup this easy to use water kettle is a great starting put in creating your stylish coffee bar set up. If you make your coffee with the pour over method, a gooseneck kettle is a great option and delivers piping hot water in a mangeable, directional flow. The black matte finish looks great and doesn’t pick up fingerprints or show dust as easy as a stainless steel finish. 

Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

The staggering selection of color combinations on this machine make it an item that can be happily left out on counters in any style of home!

Haden Silt Green Dorchester Kettle

If gooseneck isn’t your style but you still want a kettle that you don’t mind being seen, this is a great option and there is no need to hide this in a cabinet.

Mugs to Make your Coffee Bar Pop

Valley Matte Yellow Mug

Sometimes a little bit of bold color is all you need to spice up your design.  These mugs are simple yet very very effective. 

Hawkins New York Terra-Cotta Mugs

These are out here proving that Terra-Cotta is not just for outdoor planters. Bonus points in that these are dishwasher safe!

Fellow Joey Double Wall Ceramic Mugs

Who needs a handle when your cup looks this good?!  The double walls keep your hands safe while holding this stylish mug.

Keep Your Coffee Bar Beans Fresh In Style

Bodum Classic Storage Jar

There is nothing wrong with keeping it classic.  This storage jar is stylish and you can rest easy knowing that it will keep your beans looking and tasting fresh.

Airscape Ceramic Storage Canister

This is a great option if you don’t enjoy the look of coffee beans through a glass storage jar.  No one will be able to tell if you are running low on coffee beans!

Stella Medium Black-and-White Canister

This is a great option if you want to add a fun design into your coffee bar without going overboard.  It is still simple and the inner rubber gasket should help keep your coffee beans stay fresh and looking good.

Coffee Grinders That Look Good

Smeg Coffee Grinder

This guy isn’t cheap but it sure is aesthetically pleasing.  Personally I love how the cream color can match with almost any kitchen, but there are plenty of other color choices that you can make work for your own stylish coffee bar. 

Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

This modern looking gadget is moderately priced and will definitely get the job done without making you feel like you want to hide it in the back of a cabinet. 

Stelton Coffee Grinder

The benefits of this item are two fold,  you get to make your coffee bar look good and you get bragging rights that you use your own muscles to grind your beans for your tasty coffee treats.

Sensible Storage for Your Coffee Extras

SAXBORGA Jar with lid and tray, set of 5, glass cork

There are endless combinations of add in items that you can keep out on your counter if you have these around.  Sugar? Cinnamon? Spice? Everything nice can be kept out without making your coffee bar look like a mess!

3-Piece Prep Canister Set 

Canisters are great because you can not only store sugar in them, you can also sneak in some other pantry or cooking essentials that you often use but may not have the counter space for.  No one will ever know that you have some paprika lurking in your beautiful coffee bar.

Ekobo Recycled Bamboo & Cork Canisters

The sheer combinations of bright, happy, and stylish colors make this a great choice for any coffee bar. Who knew that storage could be so fun?

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I love functional, simple, and aesthetically pleasing design and I truly believe that you can make any space look nice (even your coffee bar!) without having to spend a ton of money. I created Small Apartment Ideas to share my space, design ideas, and products I love.

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