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Small Space Storage Solutions

There are many benefits to living in a small space or cozy apartment but having ample storage is not necessarily one of them. There have been times that I have felt so overwhelmed and disorganized with the amount of “stuff” I own that I have the urge to donate all of it. I know, however, that the next day I will want to create a piece of art or take photos and be really upset that I got rid of items that contribute to my hobbies and happiness. To get around this dilemma, I have learned to get creative and integrate storage solutions into the design of my apartment so I can combine my two loves, good design and good organization. A few of my favorite small space storage solutions are listed below!

Furniture as Storage

Two things that I am always short on in a small apartment are seating and storage space. This tufted storage ottoman seamlessly addresses both of these issues. It fits neatly in a recessed area next to my couch when I am not actively using it as extra seating and does not look out of place next to the coffee table when someone is using it as couch overflow space. Though it makes it a slight bit heavier for moving around, I have found it to be a very convenient place to store my weights as I have been trying to use my living room as my gym almost daily. Having the weights close by to the open space on my living room rug gives me less of an excuse to get that iron pumping.

Storage Statement Pieces

One of the things I immediately realized after moving into our current small space apartment is that we were were really facing an uphill battle in regards to kitchen storage. We don’t have a pantry so have to use some of the cabinet space that I assume would be storage for plates and cups for our food storage. This meant that all my favorite platters, plates and vases that I use often for flower arrangements were relegated to a moving box in the closet. It took awhile but we were able to locate a small vintage cabinet with sliding doors that perfectly fit in the nook behind our dining room table. The sliding doors were key to this being a workable solution in the tight space that does not have room for the doors to swing open. We found this piece in a great vintage store, it pays to scour both online and in person to find something that is perfectly workable for your small space. While I absolutely love the piece that we found, I am still aspirationally pining for this beautiful green sideboard or this deliciously designed curved cabinet that are currently a bit ( a lot!) out of budget. If you can, please splurge in my honor!

Secret Seating Storage

I used to never know where to throw my purse, hat and gloves coming into my house after a day outside. My world was revolutionized when we found this upholstered bench that not only lends a comfortable place for me to put on my shoes before heading outside but also reveals two generous storage areas for my odds and ends that get daily use. I simply lift up the bench seat, grab my purse, hat and umbrella and I am ready for the day!

Cute Catchall Storage

As organized I would love to be, there is still a part of me that can’t figure out where to put small items that I use often-but not daily. I found a pretty great solution in this adorable accent table that we placed right by the front door. Not only is it another place where I can satisfy my plant addiction (my snake plant lives on top of it) but it allows me to hide my clutter , including stamps, letters and other important mail until I am mentally ready to deal with it. I try to be consistently organized and on top of most items in my life but to be frank I think we all deserve at least one clutter drawer as long as it is aesthetically pleasing on the outside.

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Our bathroom has two issues, one is that there is no medicine cabinet and the other is that there is a severe lack of square footage to add in a standalone storage cabinet. I knew that over the toilet storage solutions were a thing but I my (lack of) bathroom organization habits required something that could be hidden behind doors- a wire rack above the toilet was not going to cut it. We all have our organizational weak spots and this pretty darn cute Bamboo Space Saver is the key to hiding mine.

Secret Under the Bed Storage

I really really really did not want to store anything under the bed and had mostly resisted until I decided to decorate for Christmas. I thoughtfully planned out my decor and happily plan to reuse most of the items for years to come-except I had nowhere to put them all. I caved and finally bought a rolling under the bed storage bin into which I happy stuffed my wreaths, garlands, and other festive holiday items into. I hope to not make under the bed storage a habit, but it is really convenient to have all holiday items in one easily accessible, but also happily out of sight place.

Extra Credit- Plant Storage/Display

In our previous apartment we had lined our window sills with plants. While I eventually gave all these plants a coordinated look by putting them in similar planters, we decided that we wanted the windows in our new apartment to have a less cluttered look. While I love the new view, this left a fair amount of plants without a home. Thankfully I found that bookshelves can also double as plant shelves and don’t regret the purchase of this corner bookshelf that saved some plants from not having a home in our small space.

Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

As with all things related to small spaces and design, it takes time and creativity to get things right. The longer I live in a space, the more comfortable I am being decisive in the items that I need and the items that I can live without. I will forever be on the lookout for creative ways to minimize clutter and maximize a cozy and liveable small apartment. Diandra at How To Apartment has some great tips for products to help you stay organized on a budget.

What are some of your small space storage solutions that you’ve implemented in your home? Leave a comment below!

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