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Small Apartment Holiday Decor

What is better than decorating your small apartment?! Well, I would argue that decorating your cozy home for the holidays ups the ante. This year I really couldn’t be stopped from decorating my space well before the socially acceptable time of after Thanksgiving and I honestly have no shame or regrets. Check out the tips below, which should be helpful whether you are patiently waiting or can’t reign in your holiday decorating desires (like me).

Holiday wreath hanging in apartment window with sun shining

Blend Your Holiday and Your Everyday Decor

Personally I have the urge to get rid of my yellow/orange couch, change out the colorful rug, get a new kitchen table and make just absolutely everything in my house either red or green. Not only is this unrealistic for a small budget, it wouldn’t be as interesting as layering in decorations with what you already have. In the end, I actually ended up loving how vibrant my decorations turned out with red and greens added to the base of my apartment color scheme. I loved how the simple berry garlands and minimalist wreath looked with my cascading plant in my living room window. Adding pillows to my Joybird Sofa was a lot more cost effective than ordering a brand new red velvet one 😉

Joybird Sofa with large Christmas pillows

Don’t Be Afraid to Cut and Paste

It was somewhat difficult to find garlands in lengths that fit the vision I had in my head. Buying garlands in a ton of different sizes to fit windows, mirrors, credenzas and more seemed to be adding up very quickly. In the end I found that it was a lot easier to just buy two of the same garland that I loved and snip and clip pieces together. Using these two garlands and some scissor work, I was able to decorate above my couch, add a little cheer to the credenza, and even add a little holiday style to the mirror above the kitchen table. Don’t be afraid to get a little crafty and to adjust items to fit your home. Plus using less garlands in more places throughout your home saves a bit of that hard earned cash.

Coffee table and mirror on wall with Christmas garland
Christmas decorations in small apartment
Apartment hanging mirror with holiday berry garland and pinecones

Plants Are Your Friend

I am a lover of plants so you are correct if I you think that I have been dreaming about taking home some fresh poinsettias since about August. Poinsettias are an incredibly easy and cost effective way to add some cheer to your small apartment holiday decor. You can mix and match sizes to add some dimension to your design. Large poinsettias are great for entryways, while a smaller size is a perfect addition to your coffee table. If you are lucky enough to have a Trader Joes in your area this is a great place to grab either a small, medium or large poinsettia plant, which are all under $10. I didn’t get any this year but I have been known to buy fresh garlands and wreaths from Trader Joes, though if you buy too early they may not last the entire season. Keeping them moist and misted helps extend their lifespan if you do decide to go that route.

Coffee table in small apartment with holiday decorations
Apartment window display with holiday decorations
Table with houseplant and christmas decorations

Spread it Out, Holiday Decor For Each Room

Small apartment holiday decor is not just for your living room. I found that adding a winter throw blanket, a couple velvet accent pillows, and of course those garlands and a wreath really made me feel like I was sleeping in a holiday wonderland. I have had flannel sheets in the past but the red Cuddl Duds sheets that we added under our white comforter honestly make it incredibly hard to leave their warm embrace in the morning. Though once I do get up, the holiday cheer is still apparent in the kitchen with the addition of a seasonal rug and cute light green plaid kitchen towel.

Bedroom in Small Apartment with Holiday Decor pillows
Kitchen in one bedroom apartment with holiday rug and plants

Small Touches, Big Impact

I didn’t think I could love my coffee bar any more than I already do. However, I underestimated just how much joy a of couple ornaments, some scattered decorative pinecones and a little bit of greenery could bring my already stylish setup. My setup is now a lot more festive which leads to less guilt now adding Baileys to my coffee and sprinkles to my hot chocolate. I also used these same accents to add a little splashes of joy around the house, adding bits of all these to my entryway mirror, my coffee table and even my entryway alcove which houses my prized bottle of Straightaway cocktail mix.

Apartment coffee bar with holiday flower arrangement
Two coffee mugs with baileys and hot cocoa
Straightaway cocktails on coffee table

Keep it Fresh

I must admit it. I get bored easily and I love to switch up and mix around decor. This can be especially tricky when I decorate early. However, I found the perfect solution in adding seasonal flower arrangements throughout my house. This week I am using red carnations, next week I might try to locate some hellebores, and possibly some winterberries the next. Thankfully I have a local Zupan’s in my area where I can easily pick out a few stems to make my own holiday arrangements throughout the season.

Holiday window display in apartment

Let It Shine

You can’t say you have holiday decor without a little sparkle! Though they can sometimes be a little bulky I found that led string lights with a battery pack are really helpful when you want to decorate a window or a space that does not have a convenient plug nearby. With a little crafty hanging with some clear command hooks you will have a window that lights up the neighborhood in no time. I also couldn’t resist adding a little kitschy taste with the adorable light up Christmas trees.

Light up glass Christmas trees on apartment window sill
Apartment holiday decorations at night

Get Decorating!

It seems that I am not alone in my drive to preemptively add a little cheer to my space. As with all decorating advice-take mine with a grain of salt (and maybe a shot of baileys) and most importantly choose the small apartment holiday decorations that make you happy!

Small Apartment Holiday Decor

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