Joybird Briar Sleeper Sofa Review

I finally did it. I bought a Joybird Briar Sleeper Sofa! I have never spent more than $150 dollars on a couch.  In my many iterations of roommate filled homes, couches were something that just seemed to come with the overpriced and overcrowded housemate living.  My core drive in home design (in the beginning by necessity and now just a habit) is always to make things that I already have look good with minimal extra funds spent.  In the past I have bought decorative pillows to cover the couch area that a roommate spilled spaghetti and beer on that no amount of scrubbing could completely reduce.  Or I have tried to pair a ridiculously drab brown couch with some blankets and fun rug to draw your eyes away from the seating situation sadness.  As we moved into a new apartment, free from the constraints of roommates with questionable cleanliness habits,  I decided that I was done with stains and drab and was finally ready to make an investment on a real couch. 

Below is my review of the Joybird Briar Sleeper Sofa which details design, comfort, durability, cost, and my experience with Joybird Customer Service.

Cute animation of Joybird Sleeper Sofa unfolding
Joybird Briar Sleeper Sofa in Action

Joybird Review

Recently, I have been drawn to bright and simple design, and like the clean lines and minimalistic touches of mid century modern.  So of course the first thing I did when I decided to embark on my couch journey was google “mid century sleeper couches.”   Having a sleeper sofa was something important to me, I no longer desire to be living with anyone other than my partner but I wouldn’t mind having a little more room for people to stay over with a limited one bedroom space.  There were plenty of options in this google search that I revisited week after week, but the designs from Joybird are the ones that I kept texting to myself and adding to my maybe list.  It could have been their social media savvy, or the fact that I could pick out almost any color I wanted, or the fact that the designs just seemed to be slightly “cuter” than anything else I could find, but after weeks of indecision I finally picked out the Joybird Briar Sleeper Sofa in Cordova Amber.  It’s only been a few months but to be honest I love this thing.  It is the first thing I notice when I come into my apartment each day and I have even taken to saying “goodbye cute couch” when I leave the house in the morning. 

Joybird Design

As I mentioned above there were plenty of websites that offered a midcentury look for sofas. While I enjoy clean lines, to me, many of the options were just a slight bit too plain. I tend to like items that have an interesting tufting, buttons, something that might make you look twice.  This is what drew me in about the Joybird Briar Sleeper Sofa.  I loved the tufting on the seating cushion and also loved the two bolster pillows that give it a bit of a posh look.  It was hard to choose a color since there are just so many options but I am really glad I went with Cordova Amber.  Having a couch in a statement color really allows me to not have to buy too much other furniture as it commands attention in it’s own right.  

Joybird really also has gotten smart in utilizing user generated submission on their instagram.  It definitely helped me to see how other real people styled their couches in their spaces and I am sure it is helpful to Joybird to have fresh content essentially delivered to them. 

Joybird Briar Sleeper Sofa in Cordova Amber

Briar Sleeper Sofa Comfort

I might not be the harshest judge of comfort as I have in the past lived with very substandard couches.  But in comparison to what I had before, this couch is a dream.  I find myself falling asleep on this couch in the evenings and not wanting to get up to transfer to my bed.  It is large enough that even my tall boyfriend can easily stretch out on it and wide enough so that we can lay on the couch together. The cushions are soft but still feel supportive.  The transition to the sleeper bed is also super easy and the bed is plenty big to have two people share it comfortably.  The mattress looks really slim so I was afraid it would not be a joy to sleep on it but it is surprisingly soft and supportive.  It might not be something that I would want to sleep on long term but it definitely suits the need for an occasional overnight guest. 

Sleeper bed pulled out of Joybird Couch
Briar Sleeper Sofa “Queen Size” Bed


It seems that Joybird regularly has 30% off sales so I would suggest waiting around for one of these times.  The reason why I avoided buying a “good” couch so long is that I knew that buying a “real” couch is not a cheap endeavor.   I did quite a bit of price and design comparison in my search and while the cost of a Joybird couch is not something I personally can part with easily, it does seem within the normal range for a well designed couch.  So far I don’t regret the investment.

Joybird Durability & Quality

It has only been a few months since we received this couch so this may be due for an update in the future.  However,  since this couch was delivered it has definitely gotten its fair share of use.  There doesn’t seem to be any warping or huge issues that I have seen thus far.  I am not a textile expert by any means but I haven’t observed any major design issues with our Briar Sleeper Sofa so far.  It seems that the cushions are filled correctly, there isn’t any pilling or stress on any of the seams and in general, it seems to be well put together.  My only slight complaint is that I always have to fix the side bolster pillows when I get up from the couch but on the flip side of that I appreciate that you can move then and use them instead of them being affixed to the side. 

Photo of Joybird Couch in Cordova Amber fabric

Joybird Customer Service and Delivery

I read horror stories on instagram comments and on online forums about Joybird and some people experiencing really poor delivery and unsatisfactory customer service.  Since I value looks and design above all else I still “took the risk” and I am glad I did.  My delivery was actually very smooth.  I expected to wait a bit for the sofa to be delivered and I had it within 6 weeks of making my purchase.   I didn’t mind too much having the schedule the last leg of the delivery with a third party and actually found it nice that I could schedule that piece of the delivery within a certain time window.  It was also incredibly nice to not have to throw away a million nice boxes.  Receiving your couch does take time but in my opinion it has so far been well with it. 

Is it worth buying a Joybird couch?

Would I recommend buying a Joybird couch? Yes! I love my couch and feel like it really helped cement the design of my entire apartment.  I picked a statement color that I really hope to not tire of as I see this as an investment piece.  I work from my couch, sleep on my couch, eat on my couch, complain from my couch and pretty much live from my couch,  I couldn’t think of a prettier place to conduct all my everyday business from. 

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