Best Apartment Houseplants

Who doesn’t love a houseplant? Houseplants are a unique piece of decor that are constantly growing and evolving, allowing for dynamic design. Plants are so versatile they may even make a great addition to your coffee bar! There are many great options for apartment friendly houseplants, you are a veteran houseplant owner or a new plant parent.

Plants That Make a Statement


No one would fault you if the only plant you own is a Monstera. These plants are a showpiece. It is fun to watch and figure out which leaves will present with interesting looking fenestrations. They are relatively easy to care for if you happen to have an apartment that gets medium indirect light. As with most houseplants, one needs to be careful of over or under-watering in order to keep these beautiful plants happy.


If your goal is large and majestic, then a Philodendron selloum may be the right choice for you. These plants can grow quite large and have the potential to become a statement piece in any room that you place it in.

Fiddle Leaf

Fiddle Leaf figs are incredibly popular not only because they are cool looking but because they really go with any type of decor. You can use a Fiddle Leaf in any room of your house (well maybe not the bathroom) as long as you have the right light, the right humidity level, and the right balance of watering vs drying out.

Plants That Thrive on Low Light & Neglect

Snake plant

You can’t go wrong with a snake plant. We have ours way in the back of the apartment where there is little sunlight and it still looks just as good as they day we brought it home.

ZZ plant

I have forgotten to water my ZZ plant several times and have also now placed it in a corner that many other plants would wither away but this plant is still surviving and possible even thriving.

Plants That Look Great Hanging Up


It can be hard to decide which plants look great hanging up. Spiderworts give a beautiful cascade of leaves and add a nice pop of color to any room.

String of Pearls

This is one of my favorite plants because of it’s unique look. Whether you place it on a floating, shelf, a bookshelf or if a macrame plant hanger, this plant will add a little piece of unique fun to your home decor.

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